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William Baum

Solving problems and crafting experiences for audiences and customers alike.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Will. I’m a student at the University of Melbourne, theatrical lighting designer, leader, and problem solver.

I‘m passionate about solving problems and delivering experiences in a range of contexts. I let my passions drive my work and believe in constantly growing and evolving for the better.

Web and Development

I’ve been building for the web for more than 7 years, in that time I’ve learnt to design, develop and implement experiences that meet the needs of my users.

I strongly believe in understanding the needs of users to deliver them to the information they need. 

Specialisations and Technologies

  • WordPress – including developing built-to-purpose themes and plugins, WooCommerce implementation, and advanced backend systems
  •  Security – experienced in handeling threats and vulnerabilities with a strong emphaisis on prevention
  •  Wide breadth of programming experience  – HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Python, Node.js
  • Deployment – experience with Google Cloud and AWS

Web Case Study:

In 2022 I worked with bespoke bicycle manufacture Baum Cycles to completely rehaul their website from the ground up in order to meet their changing business needs, especially focusing on e-commerce. In updating the site I worked closely with the team to understand what their customers were looking for when they visited the site, and what the Baum team needed out of an e-commerce platform. The new site uses WordPress with Woocommerce, and was designed with Elementor to give the team at Baum full control over their site without needing to call me in. Other crucial features included country based pricing, product based inventory management and blog integration. As a result of the upgrade, Baum has seen an increase in traffic and improved conversion for customers. You can view this project at